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About The Bold Word Blog

What is BOLD WORD? I think everyone know about it.Bold word is the word  that we bold it,to differentiate the word from other words,to tell that the meaning of the bold word is important than others.
It is suitable with the purpose of this blog ,to share knowledge,latest issue,latest event that,important to us to know about it.

The name of this blog was inspired by someone.Thanks a lot to him.

This blog is a professional blog and not a personal blog.The contents are about latest the issue,beneficial knowledge,gossip,hot news,political issue.This blog updated daily as long as there are some issues that we must know.

In the world of globalization we have to make sure that we are not leave behind.We have to keep with the movement of time.The writer take this initiative to establish this site and share the knowledge,event and so on.

No matter what profession we own,it is our responsibility to know and to follow the latest event or issue so people will not underestimate us for something we do not know.

About the writer of this blog:

Just a simple and amateur writer who concern about other people.A student of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia(known as International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM)),taking Bachelor of Engineering(Major in Manufacturing),a computer programmer and etc.

This content of this blog written in two languages,Bahasa Melayu and English.
If you want to follow the updated content of this blog,you can either subscribe from RSS,or follow this blog,or add the group of this blog on your Facebook.If you have comments or suggestions,please tell it.I really appreciate it.